Advantages of a heat pump

  • Heat pumps can also be used for cooling

  • Heat pumps are the heating system of the future

  • Heat pump reduce running costs considerably (80 per cent are no rarity)

  • Heat pumps neither require repositories for fuel nor gas ports

  • Heat pumps are subsidized by state, land and power authorities

  • Heat pumps amortize within a few years

  • Heat pumps reduce deployment of fossil fuels (by up to 80 per cent)

  • Heat pumps can be positioned inside or outside the house

  • Heat pumps do not require chimneys

  • Heat pumps do not require exhaust gas measurements

  • Heat pumps are almost maintenance-free

  • Heat pumps are quiet

  • Heat pumps are space saving

  • Heat pumps operate without dangerous fuels

  • Heat pumps are environment-friendly



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