Construction - Geothermal probe

Installation of geothermal probes

Following successful installation of the geothermal probe (40 mm twice or 32 mm four times), deep injection of the geothermal probe – drilling – is carried out.

The borehole, or to be more precise: the borehole annulus, is grouted completely with a suspension from the bottom up in order to prevent surface water from entering and, should the situation arise, to disable a fusion of different water-bearing levels.

Deep injection (grouting) of the probes is carried out with a contaminant-free and water-protecting suspension.

This functions as an additional insulating material which guarantees the optimum heat transfer.

The grouting procedure is carried out until the suspension discharges upwards.

After hardening, the suspension has to be constantly impervious and durable.


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Geothermal Probe or Loop