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Thermal Water Well Drilling - Austria

Pictures - Thermal Water Well Drilling / Klopeiner See

Pictures of the Thermal Water Well Drilling in Austria - Carinthia / St. Kanzian am Klopeinersee (Lake Klopein).

Drilling Machine for Water Well Drilling

Pictures - Water Well Drilling

Here you will find images to drilling of water wells for drinking water and for the use of geothermal energy with the water-water system.

Geothermal Drilling Machine Probe

Pictures - Geothermal Probe Drilling

Here you will find pictures of a geothermal probe drilling.

Pictures - S&K Model House / Hall

Pictures of our S&K Model House of a production hall - Geothermal System: Water-Water.

Pictures - S&K Model House / Office

Pictures of our S&K Model House of an office building - Geothermal system: Water-Water.