Solar Water Pump - NSP

With the power of the sun into a better future!

NSP’s Managing Director, Dietmar Stuck Jun., has spent many years both at home and abroad (Africa, Australia and Europe) as a water well drill master and supervisor of well construction and put his experience into the construction of this Solar Water Well Pump.

You want to be independent from all electric power supply? – Then the NSP Solar Water Pump is exactly the right thing for you.

This "Solar Well Pump" is maintenance-free, saltwater-resistant and enables you to pump water (drinking water - potable water and salt water) out of wells easily, efficiently, at little cost and up to a depth of more than 150 metres.

Furthermore, the “NSP-New Solar Pump“ gives you the opportunity to replace already existing and installed hand pumps or windmills - as you can find for example in Africa and Australia - in wells easily and at little cost.

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