Water Well Drilling - Info

The Low-Cost Alternative

Costs for industrial water and drinking water have multiplied in recent years. Water is required for numerous tasks in the house, garden and in business enterprises. Purchasing your private well can offer a low-cost alternative.

Target group

  • Registered cooperatives
  • Municipalities
  • Business Enterprises
  • Private Households

Drilling procedure

Diameters for drilling can range from 180 mm to 300 mm. Installation tubes with a diameter from 90 mm to 200 mm are used. Filter pipes are mounted at the level of the water-bearing formation, and the annulus gets filled up with quartz gravel. In order to prevent an intrusion of surface water, the well is sealed off with a clay block. A pump test will performed and the customers can have the water tested at their local Food Standards Agency for drinking water quality.

Underwater pump

Underwater pumps are directly mounted to the well pipe and are therefore absolutely noiseless, maintenance-free and frost-proof. The water can be transferred to any place from the drill point.

Advantages of a private well

  • Industrial water and drinking water
  • Energy source for heat pumps
  • Water finding guarantee



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