Pump Test - Water Well

Installation of the water well pump

After the water well drilling An underwater pump / submersible water well pump of the required power capacity – flow rate – is attached to an underwater cable, a rope and a PE hose.

Then it gets positioned at the required level of the well.

Prior to operating, the still-water-level in the well is measured with a light plummet and recorded with date and time.


Water well desanding

The pump is started up with the adequate quantity and the water gets channeled off to a discharge system (ditch, meadow etc.) until it is free of sand.

Clean water pumping and desanding in the sump pipe

Once the water is clear, the pump is applied to the sump pipe which is then being cleaned.


Pump Test

After clean water pumping and grit removal, the pump is put out of operation until the still-water-level is restored.

In the initial phase of testing, the water level has to be measured within shorter periods of time because it tends to drop more quickly.

Measurings of the water level continue until a statical condition is achieved, this is the case when the water level stays constant for a longer period of time.

It is also possible to use several pumping stages.

After the pump has been put out of operation, the time of the rise of the hydrostatic head up to the restoration of the still-water-level is measured.


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