Water Well Development

Water Well Development

Once the desired total depth of the well is reached, lining of the casing material can begin.

A high-quality well can’t do without the proper casing material.

Here: The so-called ‘sump pipe’ or ‘blind pipe’ (the downmost pipe in the well) with plug, and seamless pipes made of PVC-U. These are in accordance with DIN 4925, following works standard specifications and are coloured blue for drinking water.

Factors such as installation depth, annular volume, weight of the gravel fill etc. have to be considered when choosing the right PVC filter pipes and seamless pipes. These factors have an impact on the external pressure the casing string will have to bear.

The proper materials will be chosen in accordance with prevalent conditions.

"Simple" synthetical pipes such as sewage pipes are inappropriate for professional well constructions.

Therefore, an expert should be consulted for well constructions.

Centralizers are placed on the filters and the seamless (blind) pipes to guarantee a consistent gravel fill later on.

Perforated filter pipes get mounted to the water-bearing formation. The slot width depends on the local conditions and the gravel granulation.

When all pipes are in, the annulus between the well casing material and the drilled hole is filled with filter gravel.

The standpipes are drafted at the same time.

The perforated area of the filter pipe is encased with filter gravel (quartz content: 90%).

Next, drill cuttings and sealing pellets are used for the clay block. The clay block will prevent mixing of surface and other waters.

Summary of the basic layout of well casing material from the bottom up to the wellhead:

Sump pipe with plug – filter pipe – seamless pipe (this is later needed for the mounting of the pump in order to prevent the absorption of sand) – filter pipe – seamless pipe (see section water well profile).


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